October 18, 2017

"I knew I was having well problems when the pump kept running and running. I called Guthrie & Frey because I had stickers on the tank and well. They came out and then passed on the job because they said it would be too complicated and my well was non-compliant and said I probably needed a new well dug. In desperation, I called S&K who promptly came out the next morning and never called back with an estimate. I called Herr drilling in the event did need a new well and they said they often collaborate with David from 4D Well & Water. I called David and he squeezed me in. When he came to the house, he almost nonchalantly said he could most likely fix the problem without digging a new well. Within a few days he sent his two man crew who with no drama fixed my well problem and made it compliant in a little more than 5 hours That entailed bringing out the back hoe, digging down and breaking through the concrete casing. I am forever grateful for their "old values" in helping a desperate customer instead of taking advantage of her. I also want to mention how Donna, who runs the office on several occasions when I was incredibly stressed with my problem, calmed me down and told me not to worry that it would be okay. Everyone at 4D that i worked with (Donna, David, Luke and Tim) were down to earth, prompt in their service, helpful and supportive. I am forever grateful for their expertise and support!!!"
October 18, 2017

"I called 4-D on a Saturday morning because I was having a short cycle issue with my well pump. I was pleasantly surprised to get a real person on the other end. 4-D came out before noon, diagnosed the problem (pressure tank), and a short time later my new pressure tank was installed. Extremely fast, friendly and knowledgeable service. About 2 hours from first phone call to new pressure tank installed--on a Saturday--I'd say that's pretty incredible. I highly recommend this company."
October 9, 2016

New Well Older Home

"Excellent installation and great customer service! Donna and David were extremely helpful to address my needs at my older home. Fast response, quality service, reasonable price under estimate. Thanks for a job "well" done!"
September 13, 2016

Home Owner New Install

"Outstanding service/price and such a professional installation even other trades commented on the install. My electrician asked who did my pump and tank install because he never saw anyone else who had done such good work."
May 17, 2016

Water and Well Inspection

"4-D did our well inspection and water test when we were selling our house. They gave us great service - provided all the necessary paperwork on time, and were so friendly. Thank you David & Donna! Shelly Vento"